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Central Institute for Labour Protection - National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB), Poland

CIOP-PIB is a leading research institution in the field of occupational safety and health (OSH) in Poland. The institute brings together extensive knowledge and experience in conducting scientific research aimed at developing new technological and organisational solutions useful in designing working conditions compliant with occupational safety and ergonomics requirements and determining scientific foundations for the development of socio-economic policies in OSH. CIOP-PIB’s main activities focus on: research and development in the field of OSH, determination of exposure limits; standardisation, testing and certification (personal and collective protective equipment, machinery, manufacturing devices), education and training, and dissemination of OSH solutions through publications and websites. Research activities of the Institute concern the whole range of OSH-related risks: psychophysiological factors (human physiology and hygiene, biomechanics, ageing), chemical and biological hazards, mechanical hazards, electromagnetic radiation, noise, vibration, electrically charged aerosols.

For more information go to: www.ciop.pl/en
Virtual laboratory tour: https://vr360.pl/projekty/ciop/


Partnership for European Research in Occupational Safety and Health (PEROSH)

PEROSH is a network of 14 European Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) institutes. They play key roles in national affiliations to governments/authorities and health and accident insurance systems. PEROSH members aim to coordinate and cooperate on European research and development efforts in OSH. International projects, conferences and events are organised to offer participants knowledge and inspiration to perform on an even higher level.

For more information go to https://perosh.eu/